The New Generation of Wi-Fi & Digital Advertising for Retail


Global Coverage

Reaching users in more than 200 countries and regions with over 90 million monthly activations.

Brands can now drive engagement with new and existing audiences with the confidence that the money is worthy and visible.


Proprietary launch, product optimization and anti-fraud systems assuring targeted scale for your campaigns.

Launching something new in specific cities or areas of a country?

Geographically-focused campaigns can stretch your advertising dollars further by focusing on consumers with access to your locations or offers. Regional campaigns also allow brands to concentrate on metrics further down the funnel.


We boost inventory monetization for mobile apps through variety of Native ad-formats with rich “campaign-fill-rates”.

Meet your goals with your KPIs

Our committed management team is here to help your app to be highly noticeable.

Our panel experts in distribution and strategies optimization match your KPIs with your high lifetime value indicators and customised them into a user acquisition plan. This experience gives you a free and relaxed way of maximising your profit.